The Autumn of Big Changes

It could be that no other time in my life has felt as satisfying and serene as this one. I’ve had this dream of acting on arts field and having challenging and rewarding working life for many years. And suddenly there is this steady flow of things advancing in excellent way.

At the beginning of this year I joined the Rajataide arts association in Tampere and not so much later started working in a team producing the 20th year celebration event for the year 2017. We have quite a lot of program coming up spanning from March until September. Most of the program is somehow connected to fine arts. My task is extra-interesting if you ask me since I’m producing the program for August with parties, performance arts, jams, sauna and live painting. Of course the duties of our four-member (at the moment) core production team overlaps each other. Plus one hip and cosmopolitan artist promised to help me with the August repertoire!

It’s now almost two months I’ve been working in Kumu Communications co-operative as Art Director status. It was super easy to adapt to this new community since the student life was also full of these circles of open-minded young people. It’s just that now we have different (business world) names for things. Still we do brainstorming, workshops, shared officespace and afterworks. The life with projects is very inspiring, it develops so many aspects of being. I surely have so much to learn about communications field and creating graphics in contexts different than before.

I have had ideas how to use my sparetime and have put it into creating art prints in mixed media. Life is so miraculous and sparkling with it’s hues different every day. There is a band called Lasten Hautausmaa creating gloomy, Finnish pop-rock I listened a lot few weeks ago and got inspired to dive in earthly tones in my art. And then I managed to craft a piece called “Kitee’99” – somekind of a checkpoint in my search for more uncompromising expression. The technique there is to serve athmosphere and emotion.

Constant traveling took me to Tallinn, Estonia a little less than a week ago and how I loved it’s ancient buildings, soviet blocky structures and arty suburb Telliskivi. This image beside to picture the Telliskivi hoods speaks about the beautiful, shining evenings we’ve been enjoying in Tampere too last couple of months.

Photo from Telliskivi Street by: Hans Põldoja

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