A Weekend Full of Art in December

Christmas Design Market

We had quite a social time with Rajataide crew during the second weekend of December, when we attented the Christmas Design Market of Tampere. The Design Market is a design sales concept in some of the bigger cities in Finland and it filled the Pakkahuone and Klubi venues with people taking a look at a variety of different design products including paperware, eco-jewelry and clothing – and of course the art of Rajataide. We had a collection of smaller pieces for sale. There were definitely some sparkling uniqueness in many artworks. The candy coated paradise islands of Sofi Häkkinen glimmered in the midst of more graphic prints. I also found Niina Kiiveri’s pony pictures exciting in their naive playfulness. Our place of sales stood out in a better way than before mainly owing to the miniature easels which were kindly provided by Senni Uusikartano. I’ve found myself enjoying these fair-like events already before with lots of mingling around. It was particuraly fun to get to know the Rajataide members a bit more.


Here are the portfolios of the participants of Rajataide sales exhibition in Christmas Design Market:

Sofi Häkkinen, www.sofihakkinen.com
Emmi Kallio, www.emmikallio.com
Niina Kiiveri, www.niinakiiveri.net
Sanna Maria Paananen, www.sannamariapaananen.com
Anna Pekkala, www.annapekkala.com
Sanna Saarreharju, sannasaarreharju.tumblr.com
Tero Ulvila
Senni Uusikartano, www.sennialeksandra.com
Tarleena Öhman, liisatarleena.com

 The featured picture (the uppermost one) is by Senni Uusikartano


The exhibiton of Emmi Kallio @ Rajatila

There was definitely light and playful athmosphere in Emmi’s paintings in the exhibition “Juhlien jälkeen tulee aina aamu”, (There’s always an another morning after the party). For me the most influental aspects of the works were the dynamics of the painted texture. In some occasions the painting’s were heavy of thick and almost relief-like layers of paint and in somewhere else the layer of acrylic was so subtle that it created only a glimpse of materia in space. The theme of the paintings goofing around and playing with the dissonance of party and everyday life was extra-exciting since it’s so easy to find dozens of exhibitions pondering for example the concept of time or the deeper layers of human excistence. Being an artist is not always about being a grey-bearded philoshopher sitting on a rock.

There is a photo from the exhibition in general showing one wall of works and couple of my favourite pieces “Kauneimmat ilmapallot poksahtavat aina ensimmäisinä” and “Yökiitäjä unohti siipensä narikkaan”. The earthly tones and rough outlook of the latter enthrall my sense of aesthetics. Plus the piece shines with real glitter! Here you can check out Emmi’s portfolio: http://www.emmikallio.com/

Sketchbook doodlings of the weekend

I’ve also started again to draw into sketchbook – let’s say for the Christmas! The vivid colors somehow continue vibrating in the day long after closing the sketchbook covers. I’m very much into drawing something as frequently I can during the winter.


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