Working with Sketchbook, Powerful Music on the Background

There has been a particular sparkling element in my life since the beginning of this winter. I started to create more finished marker drawings in my sketchbook with the idea to publish a small book of them at the end of this year. All the illustrations would be accompanied by little texts, poems or ideas about the process. The thing has felt exciting, challenging and energizing. I had this thought that everybody should have some pursuit in their day which creates this feeling of being on the move and evolving somehow. Listening to powerful music and getting messy with markers does that for me.

The featured picture is a collage of “The Elf” on the left side and “I Like That Certainty In Your Eyes” on the right. Both of the works grew around creating facial gestures and character of a person with only few lines. I’ve made several sketches to test hatching with faces and for now the best solution has been to remain quite minimal. Creating depth with markers is quite a subtle case since the contrasts tend to be fairly strong on light backgrounds.

The collage of pictures below with the male figure on the left “Samuel” and the sleeping woman on the right “The Light of May” are more sketchy and airy than the first couple. With the latter I dove into creating a whole small world around the character. I think that makes the drawing more alive and finished.



The last two drawing of this post “The Summer Holiday in Norway” and “I Am Still Here” share a wide depth illustrating the main character, a village, a forest and the mountains on the background. The holiday picture aims to be a little bit too sugary and a little bit too out of eighties making an athmospheric reference to the brute graphics of old video games and operating systems of 80’s and 90’s. “I Am Still Here” is far more graphical and minimalistic drawing a lot from the contrast of the face of the old man and the simple background. I’m researching a variety of ways to create dynamics in the pictures.

Nevertheless the sketchbook I’m working on with now is superior compared to my older ones in the visual sense, greatly because of putting the effort to make finished pieces now. It would be most inspiring to find time to write more about the process of drawing and expanding inside-the-head visual toolbox along the way. There’s more to come during this winter and the spring, and hopefully the ascending light creates it’s twist of hope and joyfullness in the pictures.


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