The Spring of 2018 – Performances and Exhibitions

There is this lovely friday afternoon when you’re blessed with some extra time and got the opportunity to update your ongoing feelings and processes of life into the blog. Somehow there’s this feeling of things settling down for a moment and the fast paced routines of everyday life are away for a week. I’m travelling to Helsinki on Sunday to hold and exhibition in Vallila based Asbestos Art Space. And spending time in a community house in Jollas. The community holds home in a beautiful wooden house with squeaky floors. I’m wating for these morning joggings in Laajasalo and spotting of the first spring flowers.

I’m going to keep the gallery open everyday from 12 am to 6 pm except the eve of May Day when the closing comes on 3 pm. That means, in most visionary view, I can do sketches for the exhibition held on August before going to Vallila and meet friends on the evenings. The August exhibition is about fictional images of Finland in the post-fossil era. It got chosen as the exhibition of Tampere Design and Architecture Week of 2018. That’s one thing I’m quite excited about since it’s the biggest venue I’m having an exhibition on so far.

Aside these exhibitions I’ve started performing with a solo piano accompanied with a video projection compiled of gif-animations. So far I’ve only had one home gig with this set but having others in Kotka based art festival on May and on Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs -art festival in Urjala on August. Playing piano and transferring emotions in improvised pieces feels good and soothing in an extraordinary way. It’s like I’m having a new path of making art ahead. All these small and bigger projects in the field of art give lively energy inside. The life and the world seems open and gentle at the same time.

The things I’m wating from the summer are the coasts by the sea, birch groves of Central Finland and Karelia and if you can name something, some beautiful folk or violin gigs in old wooden houses. The April light has sparked a different way of being and craving for wandering outside in the world. It’s so blessed feeling to carry these motives with peace.

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