Creative Work of Eetu Haverinen

Photo by Rami Ratvio.

About me

The last time I assembled my professional life into an introductory text for a portfolio page leaps as far as 2016. Back then, I was starting as an Art Director in a Tampere-based agency ‘Kumu Communications’. I can sense the same spirit of raising an inner moment for the next big step.

At this point, I see no glory in the dream stories of traditional marketing agencies. There’s nothing for me to grasp in the ordinary middle-class path of gaining wealth and conventional success. Instead, I believe in a more deeply-rooted happiness of life. It lies in bright values, which shine here and there in global culture – and often in the anecdotes and outskirts of history. The mere victory or success in work can easily be accomplished without a good heart behind it. The trick is to live with a good heart whether it’s rewarded or not. The world of 2019 definitely does not need any more winners or superstars of fame but instead millions of gardeners of nature and a culture of wisdom and values.

I’m at the doorstep of creating my own apparatus of working life, that is, a company for creating beautiful and worthy things with. It’s yet partially unformed and will include some concepts still in progress. For sure, it will work for further employing me in different media projects including web development, branding and visual communication in the broad sector. The thought I’m still working on is, if it’s also going to offer some kind of consultancy with the theme “worthy business”. To help companies to build something really important and not just selling products through the creation of partially or completely false demand.

To wrap it up a little bit, I’ve grown wings with through the priceless experiences of working life in the Kumu Communications agency during the past few years. Now it’s time to use this attained toolbox to build my own business  – and what’s crucially important – to build a way to do business through strongly contemplated values. This goal is also forcing me to develop as a person, which in itself holds an invaluable price. So, when you meet me in working circumstances next time, you can be quite sure I have a pursuit for decent action – whether it’s well achieved or sometimes little less. Grace will lift us from our crumblings and push us to continue with our drives.

Eetu Haverinen // August 2019