About me

I’m an artist and graphic designer from Tampere, Finland. At the moment my engagement in the field of visual consists mainly from working as an art director in a communications agency in Tampere, doodling some cool freelance assignments and creating art prints combining traditional and digital techniques. I’m also involved in producing different activities through arts association Rajataide.

The work in the agency is inspiring and fast paced enough to create feeling of variation and motion in life. At the moment I’ve also had enough time to craft art works illustrating the hues and feelings of my life. There is a lot of fresh starts showing up. I haven’t made clear plans of how to proceed in arts or graphic design. More likely I’m open to new possibilites as they emerge – and magnificent ones have done so.

I have written in my older blogs that I greatly enjoy biking around the countryside near Tampere. And this autumn with many warm days has again offered great evenings to lightly roll on smallish roads meandering through scenes of maples, appletrees and fields. Biking and warmly resting after the trips gives spacy and satisfied existence.

Eetu Haverinen – 26th of September, 2016
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