Graphic Design and Visual Arts CV

Eetu Haverinen

Born: 12.11.1987

eetu.j.haverinen (at) gmail.com

Instagram: @haveriseneetu


2015 Designer (Bachelor of Culture and Arts), Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu, Finland

2006 Joensuun Lyseon Lukio, Joensuu, Finland


2019 Social Policy Conference 2019 – Conflict

– Comprehensive design of marketing and communications material for Social Policy Conference of 2019 at University of Eastern Finland.

2019 Kreatos Films

– Graphic designer.

2019 Helsinki City Theatre, Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Pohjois-Helsinki Band School and Theatre Tuike

– Visual identity, creation of marketing material and web design for Valokeilassa Koillinen -communal art project in North-East Helsinki.

2017 Aalto University

– I created websites for Aalto University research groups Water and Development Research Group/WDRG and Sustainable Global Technologies/SGT.

2016 – Kumu Communications

– Art Director.

2016 – 2017 University of Helsinki

– I designed the layout for the university project course on years 2016 and 2017. The project is researching temporary uses of spaces. On 2016 the course occupied a space on Maria hospital district at the center of Helsinki and on 2017 the main stage is in Kera, Espoo.

2015 The City of Helsinki

– I carried out a social art project with the Helsinki youth depicting dreams they had towards their city.

2015 Aamulehti

– Practical training period in a major newspaper in Finland.

2014 – 2018 Popkatu

– Creating the base illustration for different uses for a street festival of 5-6 days in Joensuu, Finland. On years 2014 and 2015 I led a team responsible for the physical decoration of the festival.

2013 – 2015 University of Eastern Finland

– Visual concept and comprehensive design of Silence Travel project.

2013 – 2015 The Regional Library of Joensuu

– Designing and illustrating posters for different events and performances.

2013 The Green Party of Joensuu

– Designing layout for a small newspaper connected to communal elections, creating layout for electional posters and creating illustrations for personal campaigns.


2018 Solo Exhibition ‘Olipa kerran öljy – Taidejulisteita jälkifossiilisesta maailmasta’, Tampere Design and Architecture Week 2018, Tampere Finland

2018 Solo Exhibition ‘Katselen satua’, Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki Finland

2017 Group Exhibition ‘The Semiannual Six, In Other Words The First Season’, Gallery Rupla, Helsinki Finland

2017 Group Exhibition ‘100-200’ of Rajataide arts association, Restaurant 931, Tampere Finland

2017 Solo Exhibition ‘Sähköistä kohinaa – Extended’, The Pop-up Theatre, Joensuu Finland

2016 Solo Exhibition ‘Social Dreams at Werstas’, The Finnish Labour Museum, Tampere Finland

2016 Solo Exhibition ‘Sähköistä kohinaa’, Pop-up gallery in JNS Korttelijuhla, Joensuu Finland

2016 Group Exhibition ‘Unikuvia ja Sähköistä kohinaa’, Theatre Restaurant, Joensuu Finland

2016 Solo Exhibition ‘KOHTUUSNÄYTTELY: Yhteiskunnallisia unelmia’, The Library of Karhula, Kotka Finland

2015 Solo Exhibition ‘YHTEISÖSSÄ ITÄÄ meets KATSO AURINKOA! – Societal dreams as poster art’, Temporary art space ‘Flemari 18’, Helsinki Finland

2015 Solo Exhibition ‘YHTEISÖSSÄ ITÄÄ meets KATSO AURINKOA! – Societal dreams as poster art’, Arkadia International Bookshop, Helsinki Finland

2015 Solo Exhibition ‘Yhteisössä itää – Yhteiskunnallisia unelmia yhteisötaiteena’, Joensuu Regional Library, Joensuu Finland

2014 Solo Exhibition ‘Look at the Sun! – The social dreams of young adults of generation Y’, Joensuu Regional Library, Joensuu Finland

2014 Solo Exhibition ‘Look at the Sun! – The social dreams of young adults of generation Y’, Design Factory ‘Made in Kallio’, Helsinki Finland


2016-, Rajataide


2016-2017, Producing the 20th year celebration for Rajataide art association.

Art prints and postcards

I’ve created art prints and postcards for sale during some four years. Among other places my art has been sold in here: The Regional Library of Joensuu, Cultural Café Laituri in Joensuu, Forget Me Not -shop and Taito Shop Tampere, The Tampere Design Market -events and Gallery Rupla in Helsinki.


I’m quite a versatile worker in a field of arts. There have been a variety of projects I’ve carried out or taken part in. As a graphic designer I’ve done (for example) web design, advertising for different events, illustration, project layouts and physical decoration of a street festival, working as a team leader. I’ve also carried out social art projects and created art prints in mixed media.

I’ve been working in a personal social art project illustrating social dreams of groups and individuals since 2013. The project has given me a lot of experience in arranging exhibitions and carriyng out a big amount of different tasks connected in creating social art.

Working in Popkatu organization which arranges a street festival in Eastern Finland has offered me possibilities to obtain team working and leading skills. Temporarily fast paced work has also given a certain perspective in investing one’s time in a project fully.


My native language is Finnish. I speak and write fluent English.