Creative Work of Eetu Haverinen


A collection of easily sorted products in the fields of graphic design, marketing communication and visual arts. The listed products and services will most likely overlap and mix with each other since every design project is unique. It’s wise to wrap up larger entities to create a consistent voice as possible.

Please drop me a message if interested in my services! The most convenient way is via email: eetu (at)

Print & Digital Layout Design

Designing layouts is not just about adding margins and bold headers. Good layout design is of a pleasant user experience, UX as to say. Well designed layouts, like other visual design, can add up to the quality of life in a form of e.g. experienced slickness or beauty.

I have an experience-first approach to layout design – and quarantee not to push out design which feels cheap or thin, unless it’s the goal for some ‘bigger reason’! Especially when bound to more comprehensive visual concept, I strive to use layout as a mean to communicate the core values of a project or cause.

Web Development

I’m producing sites especially with WordPress content management system (CMS). With Divi Theme and it’s visual page builder I can offer reasonably priced and easy-to-modify websites with stylish outlooks.

Please check some of my web development projects:

Visual Communication and WordPress Courses

Mastering graphic design and visual communication are important competencies of digital environments – beside being insanely interesting. Nowadays it’s usually not enough to possess just one or few competences of working life but instead you’d usually do better if you have some aces up on your sleeve. Though, I don’t say it’s the way it non-arguably shoud be. But mastering a variety of skills in digital environments also gives certain freedom of work – and in life in general, which you wouldn’t have been able to dream of before. This freedom includes better control of how much work you want to do at the first place and ability to choose the location where to work from. 

At the moment my design courses include basics of open-source graphic design with Gimp application, design basics with free online application Canva, general graphic design principles & tricks,  and basics of online publication with WordPress.

Branding & Visual Identity

Visualizing a brand is to see through organization’s, company’s or campaigns operative layers to the core motives and values. The first question is ‘what’ but the real voice of the brand comes through ‘why’. Digging into the core messages also clears way for better comprehension of what exactly is the business you’re investing so much in about. New words and images can also be used to solidify some chosen direction of brand – so it’s also a bit about dreaming beside being straight & honest.


Do you run a marketing campaign which calls for a bit more twist with unique illustration? I have a strong basis of creating art in multidisciplinary media which gives me a speedway to eloquent visual comprehension of context. An illustration can embody one or two key values of a brand or marketing concept or it can paint a sea of meanings, and add it’s own non-verbal next-level to the brand.


  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Graphics in Interior Design
  • Art Printing at Kaskitie Print House
  • Social Art Projects